14/07/2015 by Kristine

Making a campaign count, Pink Entropy wins with Facebook

PE-Blog-FB01The agency is certainly in a celebratory mood. We have just landed prime real estate on Facebook’s success story page, outlining the work we’ve done for and with United Arab Bank, in its “Can your bank do this?” campaign, and yes—for all the world to see.

Pride courses through every individual that makes up the Pink Entropy team; we are after all a few months’ shy from turning two years old. Based out of Dubai, and competing amongst the giants in the advertising industry—rising above the innumerable marketing campaigns that clutter the digital space in the MENA region means we have to work harder and smarter, we have to set simple, achievable goals.

It also means we have to measure, we have to optimise, we have to be brave enough to experiment and be staunchly responsible in managing our client’s invest with utmost integrity. It demands that we listen to what our clients have to say, and much more so, listen to what their consumers have to say.

It exacts an end-to-end mentality, to push for more consumer focus innovation. To dial-up our curiosity, to make us fish for more data, and answer why those data points exist. It challenges us to get our products right, to get our services right, to get our people aligned so we can tell one brave narrative after the other, built on case studies, built on results. It invites us to craft powerful stories together. And one that spells success.


It sometimes means we work through the night or work through weekends, but when you are recognised for doing a good job, boy—it makes it all worthwhile.

We are grateful for our partners—our clients. We are grateful to United Arab Bank for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to work with them, igniting shifts in their industry and in our space.

The approach that we used to launch the campaign on Facebook for the first quarter of the year, allowed us to be the best performing channel in UAB’s Big Bang Launch, and in a fully-integrated marketing campaign.

It smashed KPIs, driving over 40% of the leads—and providing further customer insights that gave United Arab Bank (and us, as their agency partner) an actionable road map to further innovate its services and products and support its plan to foster more ambitious growth in the region.

United Arab Bank partnered with us because it wanted to run a campaign that would really set it apart from other banks. UAB’s range of innovative products, together with its brand story, promise and commitment, are an everyday narrative best told on Facebook. The bank had a clear and simple message and it was our job to ensure that it reached the right people—with maximum impact.

– Kristine Lasam, Managing Partner, Pink Entropy

Our scope of managing United Arab Bank’s digital strategy—from social media community management, to content marketing, to performance marketing and with a team (both agency and client-side) that is committed to experiment, learn and grow make for an interesting space alright, one that social media giant, Facebook has certainly recognized.

We are proud to have our success story up here: https://www.facebook.com/business/success/united-arab-bank amongst the biggest and best agencies and brands.



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