Car Switch
CarSwitch is redefining the way you sell and buy cars.
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CarSwitch is redefining the way you sell and buy cars.  Pink Entropy was proud to have worked on this project, and delivered he first, real, C2C platform for buying and selling cars in the region.  The first challenge was how to create the brand and position it above the rest.  Most car selling platforms feel and run like a classified ads listing—too cluttered and lacking in many attributes that invite trust from the consumers.  CarSwitch wanted to set itself apart, and so we got to work.

The name had to do what it says on the tin.  So it made sense that the brand identity is as simple as what a switch would be as a device.  We wanted the cleanliness of white, but also infusing the colors that would denote bright and warmth.  The UI/UX had to be tight, and the technology, boy—the technology stack for this platform is something else.

Formidable as formidable goes.  Creative as creative goes.  Add a crazy timeline to the delivery schedule and you have chaos you really have to structure.  But we are proud. 

Here’s the lowdown on tech for you geeks out there:

Car Switch is a new technology breed of brilliant fast LAMP stacks. Featuring a completely separate backend framework using high quality MVC coding standards, and a front-end using Angular.JS and other front-end technologies. The entire framework relies on a dedicated API layer that utilizes revolutionary technologies including, Elastic Search, Local Caching, and Git Version Control.

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