Smurfs, polenta, AC Milan

Marzia Milani

Executive Assistant

Marzia (it can be a difficult name to pronounce, but she doesn’t cringe when you do!) was born and raised in the sleepy Italian countryside. An economics graduate (with a minor in Econometrics (now Google what that is and you’d know it’s a tough course to crack!)), she recently moved to Dubai, thinking that it is the perfect place to practice her international business degree. When she was a kid, she used to follow stock exchange indexes, and this probably explains her love for numbers and her university career choice.

Marzia landed her first job as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Pink Entropy—but she is more everyone’s go-to-person for everything.

Marzia is a book worm, and reads pretty much everything: from the Russian classic novel, to the delivery menu. She loves cats, fat cats, mainly because they are independent and does not require too much attention. Marzia’s ideal weekend afternoon is in front of TV watching sports, and every kind of sport at that. Most often, she is endearingly referred to by her friends as a nerd but she finds this to be a very cool word! The thing of Dubai that she likes the most? You can wear bright colours all the year round!

Let’s create parallel universes together. Let’s get to work. Let’s jump around with positive numbers that look hot on your bottom line.
Have a project in mind? Share your thoughts and we’ll get right back to you faster than a supernova shooting down from space.

Pink Entropy Limited (DMCC Branch)
Office 2203 Reef Tower
Cluster O, Jumeirah Lakes Towers
P.O. Box 28258, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
+971 4 4534284
[email protected]

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