“ Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. ”
- Paul Rand
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The universe is our big blank canvas. We design future-focused, collaboratively and with a very simple process that shape ideas into products, services and platforms that innovate, delight, resonate and engage with your audience. We create and help support brands that shoot like a star and sit with the stars. Branding is a beautiful process of creation and we have always aimed for provocative. Where the audience sits and pause.

We have originated brands with clients like Al Serkal and Al Tayyar. Created offline and online brand universes for global clients like Can-Am and LINE Messenger that understood the need for a local approach so you stand out and resonate.
case study

Launching QUICKPIT in tandem with Al Serkal



The Al Serkal name has been associated in this region to pioneers and visionaries—with interests ranging from energy, environment, real estate, automotive, finance and art. Their avid love for the latter cascades to each division the group manages, so it wasn’t a great surprise when they came to Pink Entropy with the idea to set-up a more bespoke car servicing station, setting itself apart from the usual cold, impersonal “fast-food-like-environment” car servicing stations you find everywhere in the UAE.

The idea was to provide better comfort to your usual car servicing run. Instead of the astringent, tiled white floors, the cold metallic chairs in most car servicing stations waiting areas, Al Serkal wanted to bring the modern, industrial and artsy loft feel—as if you are waiting in someone’s living room expecting a good cup of coffee to be served in a minute. The environment is just as crucial as delivering premium services. The challenge was to bring the brand and environment to life, appealing to a variety of audience personas, from the veritable car enthusiasts, to the busy moms and to the young and upwardly mobile expats whose time is their most important resource.


We loved it. We loved the idea. With the team having a very strong background in automotive—and a passion for engines, the challenge was very much welcomed. A journey that took the design team from Dubai to Fujairah (and all over the Emirates), with various stops in every car servicing station, big or small, and focus group discussions with the target audience; more random sampling surveys. And after visiting a number of art galleries, cool coffee and barbershops and revving up a couple of muscle cars down Sheikh Zayed Road, QuickPit was born.


We developed a mnemonic device that represented the turbo charger of an engine. We used the color blue which was very popular in the muscle car era—but also a shade that responded well in the consumers’ mind as a color evoking safety and security. The brand concept was born using the elements of concrete grey slabs, aluminum, natural wood and the ancillary colors white and grey that were predominant in the owners’ Al Serkal Avenue property. We combined all of these elements in a variety of executions, from the logo and the shop concept all the way to the full brand universe online and offline embodying the premium and bespoke service that QuickPit stands for.

Let’s create parallel universes together. Let’s get to work. Let’s jump around with positive numbers that look hot on your bottom line.
Have a project in mind? Share your thoughts and we’ll get right back to you faster than a supernova shooting down from space.

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