“ Trust is built on first impressions. ”
- Anonymous
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We don’t use market research & market analysis to explain failure but to plan success. We ask a lot of questions, and sometimes very simple questions that make you pause. We listen a lot, we provide insights, we counter, we argue and we listen even more so we can come up with a marketing plan that is without the fluff. There is no guesswork involved, because guesswork lacks intelligence, careful thought and integrity. And that just goes against our grain.

Using research and a lot of data, a thorough understanding of your objectives, and a simple deduction of what is possible and relevant in the creative and advertising space are factors that help us come up with a sound marketing plan, one that is digitally-led and creates offline financial impact.
case study

The Beauty Floor

The Beauty Floor online store tripled its revenue from new customers with Facebook ads management service

  • To become one of the most popular online beauty shop in the region
  • Maximize orders and hit target ROI
  • Increase revenue from new customers
  • Build a channel to consistently generate sales and repeat sales

Revenue increase poses to be the one of the key challenges that many new e-commerce shops like The Beauty Floor encounter. Since not a lot of people know your shop yet, consumers are less likely to trust you with online purchases.

The Beauty Floor which worked with Pink Entropy from brand origination and web build expanded the partnership to drive had a similar concern at the beginning and partnered with Pink Entropy to drive revenue through comprehensive digital consultancy.


The earlier challenge was to shorten the conversion funnel of new customers. Building trust was key in order to convert better and faster.

When users are in different purchase funnels, it means they have different motivations. We decided to take different approaches according to the users’ varying motivation. Although it’s difficult to convince new users who don’t know your shop to buy from you, we found out that it was easier to do so by delivering the right message, depending on what they’re looking for.

We created different audience groups according to their interests and motivations. We then became precise in the design of the ads and the content matrix for each group. In addition, the products promoted on Facebook ads were chosen based on earlier sales data. As for returning customers, we re-targeted visitors with remarketing and did the same for audiences who are more likely to convert. As a result, not only did sales from existing customers increase consistently, CVR from new users improved by 67% and revenue from new customers tripled.

  • 20% more sales every month
  • 780% revenue growth in 6 months
  • 67% improvement on CVR
  • 300% revenue from new customers

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