“ The best place to hide a dead body is on Page 2 of Google search results. ”
- Author Unknown
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Understanding your audience is critical. And it must be done before even drawing the first pixel of your site.

What is SEO? For us search engine optimization is not a buzz word, it’s a philosophy that drives design and development to create a bespoke experience for your users. This is why we speak of SEO-driven design. Our recipe is simple yet powerful: we dive in the sea of data of the main search engines, use our experience to identify the trends and opportunities and use what we found to drive our creative process. Our sites are natural extensions of the journey your clients start when typing a query in Google: we take them by hand and guide them to you. We are more than a Dubai SEO company, we take a global approach that also encompasses search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing to get your message across in a way that resonates with your audience and converts
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Despite the competitive marketplace and premature online conditions in the industry, MoveSouq.com has rapidly grown from a site that only helped people in the UAE find movers to helping customers in the UAE and Qatar get connected to all kinds of service providers they may need around their home. MoveSouq.com now boasts 10 different services on their site, with insurance as their latest addition.

As an online business, MoveSouq.com needed to find multiple channels for customer acquisition all while keeping costs low and incrementally increasing the number of leads and traffic gained on the site. Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization were the best channels to grow the MoveSouq.com brand while meeting hard-hitting targets for leads, traffic, and revenue. 


Part of the strategy involved breaking down the site and rebuilding it from the ground up to implement its new city architecture. The latter, which created dedicated pages for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Doha, creates a much more personalized experience for customers and suppliers while significantly improving overall SEO performance. The detailed and localized content of each page provided customers with the information that was relevant to them while also making it easier for search engine spiders to understand the subject of the pages – the right way SEO is supposed to be done!

In addition to maintaining updated localized content on the site’s landing pages, a full on-site SEO makeover was conducted for every page of the site. Every Meta title and Meta- description of the site- which grew four times overnight, was crafted by humans for humans. With every new Google algorithm update, spiders are becoming more and more intelligent so MoveSouq.com’s continuous (best) practices for SEO keeps it above surface level – and in the top positions in Google search!

It had been a joy to collaborate with MoveSouq.com experimenting in ways to develop and deliver better SEO activities. SEM was all about setting the campaign structure right and optimizing. There is no shortcut.


Organic traffic more than doubled in 2015, and multiplied by 1.5 after the city structure upgrade. In comparison to last year, MoveSouq.com’s overall traffic also grew by seven-fold!

Let’s create parallel universes together. Let’s get to work. Let’s jump around with positive numbers that look hot on your bottom line.
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