Melt By Chris Clark

The Brief

Paleo diet specialist, Chris Clark came to us with a challenge. He wanted to launch his own family of brands that will embody the work he started in his award-winning book, “The Nutritional Grail.” His scientific approach to food and his belief that it is a natural medicine coupled with his desire to be a “Jamie Oliver” posed as a a challenge. How do we make the science of food, charming? How do we make healthy and clean eating preferred over the easy, fast food, decadent habits and indulgence?


Out from the Pink Entropy oven came a family of brands that represented all that Chris Clark desired–and a food environment that would resonate with his target audience as he launches his first F&B product in the sunny city of Los Angeles.

What we did

We went all foodie.  We donned our geek hats on and got down to the science of food in developing the brand.  We looked at old apothecaries, and developed a brand that connects the science of food with the mouth-watering experience of homemade gelato.  We had tubs of ice cream and gelato spanning three continents.  We went to LA and got really serious about how we are going to create something that will stand out in the global destination for health and fitness.  

We delivered some really cool work (we are foodies so we are hugging all the glory here!)

  • Brand origination and identity
  • Brand positioning and strategy
  • Brand assets and collaterals
  • Keynote investor deck