FSI's Color-Coded Website

A look into how the right combination of colors can bring a company to life

The Brief

In a few words, FSI Worldwide can be described as ethical recruiters. They closely engage with clients in order to understand their requirements and constraints, and then provides workforce solutions at a global level to deliver success, loyalty, and professionalism. Their focus is on increasing productivity, while ensuring there is no exploitation of the workforce.

Our Strategy

A good website is one which embodies the brand’s core identity. For FSI’s website, we decided on implementing a color-based philosophy. The website symbolizes feelings of trust and credibility – important traits for recruiters – while still being modern and adaptable – all of which are reflected in the color choices we made.

How It Works

We chose blue as the primary color for FSI, along with a complementary secondary color palette including green, yellow, red, brown and purple. The shade and tone of each color was selected carefully to work and blend with each other seamlessly, giving the whole website a threaded-in modern look. With the website going live a couple of weeks ago, results will soon be in as to the success of the strategy.

Things We Do For Them:

  • Website Design & Development