Max Factor’s Online Makeup Academy

Here’s how we helped push the boundaries of the beauty industry to establish this region’s first ever online make-up academy that supports professionals and learners alike.

The Brief

Max Factor wanted us to figure out how to design and deliver the most intuitive, and the region’s first ever online make-up academy, with one basic aim: to build and support a community of professional and certified make-up artists with Middle East as a pilot. We are proud to say that Pink Entropy won the pitch to work with Max Factor, headquartered in P&G’s offices in Geneva back in November 2016.  The brand is now owned by COTY USA.

Our Strategy

We like sexy projects and the work we have done for Max Factor certainly qualifies. We set out to design and create an online academy that is easy to use, as well as simple and intuitive for students to learn and gain experience in the field of make-up artistry. With Max Factor, we aimed at opening up access to e-learning. This was pivotal in a region where travel restrictions (among others) for women still prevail. We worked to bring the offline learning experience online and accessible using small pieces of online real estate.

How It Works

With 20 professional course videos, 3 advertorials, numerous social media videos and counting, branded content is key to delivering the story at every touch point, as well as the value in that first 3.5 seconds. The content is all designed to convert and deliver the ambition to inspire and educate the women in the region who would like to experience the power of make-up artistry through MEA’s first online makeup academy. Empowering women through learning.

From the storyboard to the video production

We did more than storyboard and video production.  We got down to writing the course syllabus.  We became teachers, and then we became students.  Literally.  We signed up for many e-learning platforms globally.  We sought our classmates at the offline Max Factor Academy (from Yemen to KSA) and asked them what kind of learning modules and videos that they would like to see which combined learning with fun.  We looked at thousands of make-up video tutorials on YouTube and Instagram.  We OD’d on make-up.  But we learned.  We learned about people from people (they are sometimes referred to as use cases but we like “people” better), we learned what great content works and we delivered a master asset in make-up artistry, a first in the MENA region.


Social Media

We created content that were designed to engage different buckets of target groups within the make-up artistry community.  We developed highly-segmented key messaging that encouraged adoption.

Content is great only when it converts so our social media scope were not just pretty and awesome design work.  We needed to hit hard KPIs, some of them were:

  • Number of engaged users (Cost per engagement)
  • Impressions
  • Repeat visits to owned media
  • Conversions rates (Cost per conversion= fulfillment of objective) Views (Cost per views for videos)
  • Number of website users Session duration
  • Number of website inquiries Number of enrollees

Influencer Marketing 

The main objective for us was to launch the academy in the region.  Raise brand awareness.  We wanted to work with beauty influencers in the region to inspire and educate women–from make-up artists to beauty enthusiasts.  We wanted to reach them in a purely organic way.  And we did.

We gathered the region’s best beauty influencers like:

  • Fatma Husam
  • Mayada Solaiman
  • Balquees Busakhan
  • Tamara Al Gabbani

among others to create the videos that will tell our audience that a new way of learning make-up artistry is here through  And they signed up. 


Things We Do For Them:

  • Platform design and development
  • CRM design and development
  • Video and content production
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Social media management