Muhimma’s Gig Economy App

With Muhimma, we envisioned a colony of worker bees, efficient, precise and agile, buzzing together towards the same goal – to deliver real-time, authentic and actionable insights powered by a crowd to companies, businesses and brands.

The Brief

Al Wasl Investment came to us with a mandate: “We want to deliver actionable insights to companies, businesses and brands powered by a crowd. We want to give a new meaning to agile data, solid sprints to understanding what the consumers are looking for – and deliver these insights from the streets.” From this challenging mandate emerged Muhimma, a thriving beehive of real-time and actionable insights.

Our Strategy

Muhimma is the Arabic word for ‘task’ which fits aptly as we envisioned a colony of worker bees – efficient, precise and agile, all committed to the same goal. A swarm of busy bees, a colony of golden – all for the crowd, for the business. Buzzing with valuable information and insights that brands clamor for, giving new shape to modern data mining, driving strategy to gain traction, Muhimma is the answer to all research and data woes.


How It Works

Brands and businesses can’t survive without market research and this is where Muhimma comes in. It provides them the platform to help them cut the data and get real insights that they can put into action. The mobile app enables them to recruit their crowd, perform tasks, and answer surveys, most of which must be performed within 24 hours. A dashboard provides them with near-instant access to the results. In other words, this is market research directly from the source and as real as it can get. But Muhimma goes one step further. The worker bees, the crowd, the users, are not left empty-handed. They are rewarded for their efforts. Users can download the app and complete tasks in exchange for money and rewards like vouchers and discounts; thus creating a win-win situation for all.



Things We Do For Them:

  • Branding
  • Website design and development
  • App front end design
  • Portal integration
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing