PepsiCo Winning Team Engagements

Whether you talk about external or internal communications, storytelling – when done right – is the one sure way to get interest and engagement and advocacy.

The Brief

Communication is vital to and within any organization. PepsiCo came to us to aid the brand in its internal and some external communications strategy and storytelling, and we jumped at the opportunity to help them. Their aim was to increase employee engagement and increase utilization of their internal channel, : PEPfeed; while creating effective communications that would enhance employee engagement with/and awareness of PepsiCo’s different pillars and company values.

Our Strategy 

They wanted an agency to help them tell their stories, and so we came to their aid, and it’s been a joy since. We are really proud to have bested the industry’s best to win PepsiCo’s internal communications account. The company has invested in creating PEPfeed, an internal channel which connects all 26,000 employees across AMENA, APAC, China and India. 

How it works

PepsiCo has many amazing stories to tell – from the robust ecosystem created by their potato farms in Egypt and Pakistan to the growth of their nutrition portfolio with Quaker Oats. Based on these stories, we create content that helps increase engagement within the organization. This ranges from static images to GIFs, infographics, and even animated videos. Offline, we also help engage employees on-ground by doing internal activations in the workplace, for example, we ran an activity for the PepsiCo ambassador program to increase the number of advocates of PepsiCo internally.

Things we do for them:

  • Content strategy
  • Content ideation and creation/execution (internal and external)
  • Social media consultancy
  • Channel Development