Washmen’s Unique Content Strategy

A simple enough mandate of Washmen owning the city of Dubai challenged us to exercise our creative side to deliver powerful content that converts and is future-proof.

The Brief

We were super-excited when Forbes Middle East’s No.2 most promising start-up in the region came to us with a simple, yet bold, ambition: to grow 4-5x in one year now that they had closed on their Series A funding. In other words, Washmen must be the men for us, they must own the city.

Our Strategy

We accepted the challenge and got to work. The KPIs were defined in terms of app downloads and service utilization. And we knew there was only one solution – content. We set to work creating powerful content that converted, investing in timeless creative, something that would look good even a decade down the line. And as always, Rams’ Principles of Good Design reigned supreme. Why? Because that is the only way to make content alive. Because there are no shortcuts to growth hacking. And because Washmen is here to stay.

The Results

With a strategy as infallible as ours, we redefined the laundry app industry. Just two months in, we are smashing KPIs and exceeding targets. Growth had been the highest (at 42% MoM) in the last year since the app went live. Plus, with Washmen still carrying the global brand visioning roadmap that we designed for them in September, it is clear that it works.




Things We Do For Them:

  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Social Media and Community Management
  • Content Creation & Production (blogs, articles, photography)
  • Marketing/e-PR
  • Creative Execution